VFX Animation Metaverse


MAYA and The Three

In an innovative promotional endeavor for the newly launched Netflix series "Maya and The Three," our creative team conceived an incredibly unique experience by harnessing the power of augmented reality technology. We completely transformed Santiago's iconic cable car system into an immersive journey through the "The Teca Empire," an unforgettable experience for all. It served as an awe-inspiring digital portal to the magical world of Maya and her companions, inviting fans of the series to engage with it on a deeper and more interactive level.


MIM 2020

In 2020, we embarked on an exciting project with the interactive Museum of Santiago, crafting a groundbreaking 11-minute virtual reality experience designed to educate and engage visitors. This brilliantly curated virtual reality journey was aimed at revealing the profound connection and inherent utility humans have shared with constellations throughout our shared history. It's a captivating exploration of human interaction with celestial bodies, demonstrating how ancient civilizations relied on the constellations for navigation, timing of harvests, and more.



Leveraging the transformative power of augmented reality, we developed the VITRAL app - a digital tool that allows wine enthusiasts to gain a more in-depth understanding of the origin of the wine they are savoring. Through this innovative application, consumers can discover the unique characteristics of the land from which the grapes were harvested, further enriching their tasting experience. VITRAL brings to light the unique conditions that contribute to the creation of superior quality wine, enhancing appreciation for the intricate process of winemaking.



Our team crafted an immersive 360-degree tour experience to dive into the life and career of Alexis Sanchez. This project was designed to give fans a unique perspective into his futuristic house, providing an unprecedented inside look into his personal life and career. The house, situated in Chile, was recorded using advanced recording technologies. Simultaneously, Alexis Sanchez was filmed in London, within a state-of-the-art chroma studio. The two sets of recordings were then carefully merged and integrated with Nuke to create a seamless 360-degree virtual experience of his home.



Juan Carlos Bodoque, the beloved personality from the popular children’s show 31 minutes, created an engaging segment about our virtual reality experience of the constellations. From his reactions and commentary, it's evident that he thoroughly enjoyed his journey through the stars! With laughter and delight, Bodoque enlightened his young viewers about our immersive VR experience, further promoting our commitment to combining education and entertainment in the most delightful ways.