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Color Grading

Full 4K work flow in DaVinci Resolve using the most experienced artists in Chile.

Art Direction

From the filming location to the work station, our expertise will be with you all the way.

On Line Compositing

We have established a propietary WorkFlow where your editing material will be integrated into the digital composition using tecniques such as: Color Grading, 3D, VFX ,Matte Painting, Mograph which will give your project a World Class finish ending.

Motion Graphics

We integrate Graphic Design enhanced by animation so that your concepts can be stylish and & fun.


From the concept stage as a VFX complement to Construction or Animation...all the way to Final Rendeder: We can be a complement to your team or outright take-on the entire proyect.

Digital Matte Painting

Impossible location? NO! We will use Set Extensions, Digital Paint, Photograpy and footage to turn your location into whatever you needs might be.


By focusing resources on Reasearch & Development, we keep ourselves on the cutting edge:
We have proyects in 360, and Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR).
Let us know if you'd like to see some of our demos.

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Avda. del Valle Norte - 961
Oficina 2703, Huechuraba
Ciudad Empresarial - Santiago
(56-2) 23748550
Gonzalo Pomés
Executive Producer
(+569) 95455937 [email protected]

Santiago Aguilera
General Director
(+569) 97426291 [email protected]